Moving to the Big Smoke with a Big Bag

July 28, 2012 in Community Internship, Introduction, London Living, Personal

Today I officially uprooted my life at The University of Bath and moved to the capitol city of England. As a bonafide Welsh country girl, hailing from a hamlet consisting of a mere 8 houses, this is all a bit exciting and more than slightly overwhelming.

I’m here to undertake a placement year as the Community Intern at 10gen; a fast-growing global software company that develops and provides commercial support for the open source database MongoDB.

(If the last sentence makes no sense to you, fear not – it took me hours of research to understand even the basics of the impressive technology. I’m in for a Mt Everestesque learning curve come Monday when I am to undertake the 10gen London ‘bootcamp’. Crikey.)

It seems my lucky stars were working overtime, as not only have I landed a fantastic internship with a field leader, but they’re also awfully nice.

Amazingly, instead of combining the stress of finding somewhere to live in the Olympics-saturated city with starting in a new job, 10gen offered to put me up in their company accommodation for the month of August, situated in the heart of Chelsea. Not only does this enable me to focus on the learning job at hand for the first month, but I am also living with three fellow 10geners, meaning I am not going to start work as a Billy-no-mates, and can even pick their poor brains in the evening when going through my notes.

In fact, I’ve already survived a first initiation; this evening my partner and I were invited to take part in some homemade trivia. Amongst creating and answering questions on ‘French Egg Creams’, James Bond and (of course) the Olympics, I am fairly certain we passed an unspoken test.

Now all that remains is to unpack the veritable black hole that is my suitcase.