10gen Bootcamp – Day 1

July 30, 2012 in 10gen, Community Internship, Intern Advice, Introduction, London Living, MongoDB

Today can be summarised in one word; ‘whooooooooooaverwhelming!

My commute from Chelsea to Old Street takes around an hour (though with the London Olympics taking place, this is liable to change day-to-day) and runs the risk of being quite confusing. Luckily, living in the 10gen house meant that I was able to make my way to work with a colleague, and a very civilised starting time of 10 o’clock meant that I had plenty of time to get myself ship shape this morning.

This was to be the first time I had seen the new 10gen offices and met the team (though I had the chance to meet a handful during my interview process). Located in an indie-style building which used to house the Bank of England, the new offices are just beautiful; exposed wooden floorboards, enormous windows and vast rooms. The atmosphere is one of effortless modernity and professionalism.

The team are all seated at two giant communal desks; a layout completely different to any other office I have worked in, and one which utterly changes the working environment. You feel far more part of a team.

First on the agenda was equipping the newbies (I started with three other employees, though they are all based in sales). Once we had received our company MacBook Airs (oh yes) and set them up to our liking, we were welcomed with a group lunch, including the most mouth-searingly hot baguettes I have ever eaten. Unsure if that was a test.

After lunch, Bootcamp began…

I shan’t go into the specifics (it would take hours and you’d all have given up reading), but the first day of Bootcamp consisted of an introduction to the company and its history, where we are today, our market and vision for the company. We also looked at Marketing strategy and Community strategy, which are  right up my street. Finally, we learnt about Channel and Partner strategy.

I have a lot to learn.

Fortunately for me, the evening activities were a lot less mind-boggling; watching my housemate struggle for 3 hours to cook pancakes (which were amazing!), enjoying a glass of wine and even sitting down to watch the Olympics. Ah, London!