10gen Bootcamp – Day 3

August 1, 2012 in 10gen, Afterhours, Community Internship, Intern Training, London Living, MongoDB

Well, I made it.I passed bootcamp

Bootcamp is officially over, and that means my brain is now working overtime to try and assimilate everything it has heard over the last three days. I genuinely dreamt about coding last night, which I’m pretty sure makes me a sad individual.

Today’s session was far more sales-oriented, which meant that I was able to comprehend it much more than the tech content. I learnt all about the market, the competitors, partners and the services which 10gen offer MongoDB users.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the three guys I have been attending Bootcamp with are all in sales, and so they raised some very interesting questions during the day. Sales seems to require a lot of gumption, and these guys have it in heaps.

Perhaps it’s the more softly-softly nature of community marketing which appeals to me; I like that as a Community Manager you get to build a relationship with members based upon a common interest, not just a transaction, and the symbiotic nature combined with the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of social media really grabs and excites me. What a little fangirl.

Luckily for me , the ever-lovely Community Marketing Manager here told me today that he has a heap of work that I can help with. I can’t wait to get my teeth into something – so far everyone has been so kind here, and I want to start being useful!

This evening consisted of dinner with the housemates, and then reaching a vegetative state on the sofa whilst we all watched Alien 3 and I trawled through pictures of cute animals. Geek cliché, much?