Bone marrow and Tequila

August 1, 2012 in 10gen, Afterhours, Community Internship, Intern Advice, London Living, MongoDB, Personal

One thing most new interns (and indeed new team members) can probably count on is some kind of team event to help initiate them into the company. For us 10gen newbies, this took the form of a team dinner on Tuesday night, preceded by office drinks (we have a fully stocked alcohol fridge!) and pub drinks. A welcome relief after Tech Bootcamp that day.

Monday’s lunch and last night’s free company dinner couldn’t have come at a better time for me. For the last couple of days I have been living on a grand total of £4.67, as my bank card decided it wanted to go back to the South East with my partner. Cue a rather panicked phone call and a trip to the Post Office. Alas, I’m still waiting for it to make its way home.

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Whilst stuffing our faces at Pizza East (which I highly recommend if you’re ever in Shoreditch, by the way) with Italian delights such as veal meatball pizza, calamari and even bone marrow, I gained a greater insight into the team behind 10gen – and I liked what I saw.

Already a very welcoming and open group even in the office, the team revealed more personal details (from pets to an incredible obsession with Foursquare), as well as their slightly more puckish sides throughout the night, culminating with the the sales team hitting the Sambuca and Tequila. Testosterone levels were flying high as they egged each other on. There’s nothing quite like the momentary after-shot expression.

By the time myself and another housemate left the party at a reasonable 23:30, the 10gen team had situated themselves outside another Shoreditch pub called Bar Kick and armed themselves with further alcoholic beverages. I didn’t hear anything else from them until about 1am, when my other housemates stumbled in.

All in all, a fantastic evening. Hopefully pictures will follow shorty.

P.S. One piece of advice for any budding interns; never get drunk on your first night out with your team. It might be tempting to rely on social lubrication to settle your newbie nerves, but it’s not necessarily worth the potential disaster. Trust me, I speak from experience. I’m not saying don’t drink, but just to be aware of how much you’re drinking, and maybe even set yourself a limit for the evening. A trick that has come in handy over the years is alternating between alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.