PHP apparently = Party Hard People

August 3, 2012 in 10gen, Afterhours, Coding, Community Internship, London Living,, Networking, Personal, Technology

Yesterday I attended my first tech-related Meet Up Group (MUG), PHP London, which took place at the London Google Campus.

This morning I suffer the consequences.

According to their Meetup profile“PHP London is a non-profit group to promote knowledge sharing and best practice amongst PHP developers and web development and business professionals in London.”

They neglect to mention that following the official event, PHP users apparently like to party. Hard.

The talk itself was rather beyond my technical expertise; I had to Google every other word, and even then was left rather baffled. However, I used the opportunity to get to know the type of people who are involved in such a user group (as they are likely to be the same people as those in the London MongoDB User Group) and met a fair few number of new people with whom to network (which is always useful, especially as someone interested in community marketing and managing). It was actually a very enjoyable evening, despite feeling as though I didn’t speak the right language.

After the event, it was decided that a group of us would go to the pub for a ‘quick drink’ – lovely!

Somehow, at 1.00am I found my sober self in the middle of a Shoreditch rock club with the PHP people, doing my very best to avoid drinking the shots of Sambuca being thrust in my direction (I owe my housemate/colleague/friend a debt of gratitude for downing both his and my shots without anyone noticing). Quite how we ended up there, I’ll never know, but I do have a newfound respect for the party stamina of PHP coders.