All Around the Water Cooler

August 7, 2012 in 10gen, Community Internship, Intern Advice, Intern Guide, Intern Training, London Living, Networking, Pictures, Technology

10gen faces the same issue as many international companies; it is often difficult to feel part of a world-wide team. With offices in London, New York, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Sydney and Dublin the whole team runs the risk of feeling rather fragmented, interacting only via email and the occasional company get-together.

The way they overcome this is genius. 

There is a common phenomenon in offices known as the ‘water cooler effect‘; occurring when employees at a workplace gather around the office water cooler and chat. 10gen decided to have an international water cooler:

As you can see, we’re all hooked up. There is a screen, camera and microphone in nearly all of our offices. The camera is left on all the time, so if you’re popping by in the London office and spot someone in the NY office making a cuppa in their kitchen, you can sit yourself down and have a catch-up.

This completely changes the way international colleagues interact with one another; I love that I can send an email to someone in CA, and half an hour later be chatting to them ‘face to  face’ about it.

If any interns find themselves in a similarly international company, this might be worth suggesting…